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The aim of the website is to give the opportunity to any person to learn, improve and upgrade their dancing skills.

The curriculum has been designed in such a way that it is addressed to everyone, from beginners to very experienced dancers. So you are free to choose the level that suits you.

By registering, you will receive a free introductory video with basic rhythm information and basic steps for the first practice.

Subscribe now to one of our subscription programs and let yourself express yourself by dancing.

  • Lets dance Hasapiko by Shakallis siblings An on line step by step program(movement & rhythm analysis) and presentation of 1,2 and 3 routines of Hasapiko dance An easy way to learn this magnificent Greek line dance from your home at your own time with unlimited access to all 7 videos with only 29.97 euros Enjoy it and looking forward to see you on the dance floor!
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