Welcome to this website where you can learn more about what zeibekiko is and how it is danced, or to freshen up your moves or to practice and develop your existing dancing skills. Here you will find everything you need about zeibekiko! This site aims to give the opportunity to those who love zeibekiko, to be fully informed about it and to learn to dance it with their soul! The most beautiful element of zeibekiko is the improvisation, which allows everyone to leave their own personal mark. Therefore, zeibekiko is a dance with rules, but without conditions and without limits.


Zeibekiko is difficult to dance!!

It is a lonely, deep sorrow dance with inner intensity…. a soul deposit.


So let’s dance together!

Christos Shakallis


Available NOW 


Online one to one Zeibekiko Classes with Christos Shakallis 


Special online package/6 week cycle programme for every level

Special package includes:

  • 6 hours of private online classes.
  • Various zeibekiko rythms.
  • Footwork & Hand Techniques.
  • Choreographed Figures.
  • Pre recorded videos where necessary to practise between the online sessions.


Prepaid Special Package. (payment should be received before the 1st online private session)

Program Description


The program is tailored to the needs and level of each after consultation with the instructor. This range covers levels from complete beginners to advanced. We suggest that online lessons be done on a weekly basis, once a week. The courses will be held after consultation of both parties, considering the difference in time zones – where it exists, as well as availability.

What you’ll need:

For the best performance of the lessons, it would be good to adapt your personal space so that you have the ease and flexibility of moving in this space. You need a good internet connection. We recommend that you use your personal computer. Classes can be held on two platforms, at FACEBOOK MESSENGER or ZOOM. Additionally, make sure you have your own music for technical reasons and to avoid any sound delays.

To proceed sent us an email to get prices and methods of payment.


Please contact us for more information and prices.


Online Hasapiko Classes by Christos & Elena Shakallis

Lets dance Hasapiko with Shakallis siblings  

An on line beginners guide step by step program(movement & rhythm analysis) and presentation of 1,2 and 3 routines of Hasapiko dance

An easy way to learn this magnificent Greek line dance from your home at your own time with unlimited access to all 7 videos with only 29.97 euros 

Enjoy it and looking forward to see you on the dance floor!